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Listed below are Mattress Factory Outlet Work Duties, Qualifications, Expectations and Benefits


  1. Work 5 days a week with 1 day off plus Sunday. Day off may be subject to change at owner’s discretion for the stores benefit. If another employee is sick or gone, day off may be switched at owner’s discretion.

  2. If store is closed on a holiday, it will be a paid day off

  3. We are closed, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day

  4. We are a retail store, you WILL work Fridays and Saturdays.



  1. Must be 21 with a good driving record and a valid driver license in order to be placed on company vehicle insurance. No DUI’s or DWI’s considered

  2. Must be able to lift heavy items efficiently (Up to 150 lb adjustable bases, with another employee or by yourself using a dolly)

  3. Must have a certain mechanical aptitude. You will be required to put together bunk beds and Futons together on your own for example.                   


  1. This job is a combination of Sales and Deliveries. We are a small store, so everyone does everything. Your duties will include Sales, Delivery, Cleaning Bathrooms (On a rotating basis), unloading trucks, loading trucks as well as any other thing that needs to be done.

  2. There is an expectation on sales and closing ratios as well as waiting on customers. This is NOT a commissioned position.

  3. When the delivery guy needs an extra set of hands, you will be on the truck with him and expected to carry heavy loads with efficiency.

  4. Putting together Futons, bunk beds and setting up adjustable beds.

  5. You must educate yourself on products offered for sale

  6. You will take inventory every Friday morning with the warehouse employee.

  7. If you are waiting on a customer, you will be expected to finish with that customer even if we run past closing.




  1. Be here no later than 10 minutes prior to opening. Employees who are habitually late will be subject to termination

  2. If employee wants a special day off, you must request it a month in advance. It may not interfere with store promotions or sales. It may not be taken in conjunction with a holiday

  3. You will wear appropriate clothing that is cleaned and pressed. No t-shirts or shirts with sayings

  4. You will be expected to have good hygiene and look presentable to our customers

  5. Phone use is allowed but limited. No employee will be allowed to sit and play with their phone on company time.

  6. Employee is allowed brief visits from friends/family, but store duties take precedence. You must complete what you are doing before visiting.

  7. You will be hired on a 60 Day trial basis

  8. Employee is expected to keep all company business private. Any sharing of information is strictly prohibited and subject to immediate termination

  9. No tobacco products are permitted including e-cigarettes in the store or in the company trucks. Period.

  10. Employee must be personable and easily converse with all different types of people. If this criteria is not met the employee will be dismissed.

  11. All Employees are expected to have a good moral life outside of the store. You are a reflection of our company and we protect our reputation.

  12. Employee will treat customers with respect, using no foul or off-color language. We have a large female customer base and expect them to be treated the same as you would treat your mother or your sister. Any kind of offensive remarks or gestures will place the employee under subject of immediate termination.

  13. No offensive tattoos showing outside of your clothing will be allowed. No tattoos on the face or neck.

  14. If you receive a ticket that causes the company insurance to increase, you will be subject for immediate dismissal.

If you feel you meet these criteria, we would love to schedule an interview. Must be able to start immediately

Call 903-785-8701 and ask for Ken

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